Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm talking about Lucy Lawless. But not in the anticipated-but-never-to-be-made Xena movie. But she will be in the new TV show "Spartacus: Sand and Blood" on the Starz network next January (2010).

And the best part is that there will be some (or at least one) nude love scenes. No doubt we'll see her breasts, and since she is considering (at this time) wearing a merkin (a pubic wig [YES that's what I said!] ), maybe more than the just her globos will be seen. (Actually, the scene has already been shot. Lucy said it was so stressful she went home and got right into bed [and we can only wonder if Rob joined her]. )

Of course the day after the nude scene is aired, the pictures and videos will blanket the Internet/YouTube.

Lucy plays Lucretia, the wife of a slave owner (despite what you may believe watching Xena, Greek women had little, if any, real equality).

And as you can see from the photo below, Lucy looks nothing like Xena, but she still is HOT! To be 40 years old, Lucy Lawless is nothing less but purely amazing looking. (Rob Tapert sure knew what he was doing when he married her! )

Now if we can only see some/one nude scene with ReneƩ O'Connor!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wrong Is Now Right?

Another gripe -- Why the hell have people started calling movie previews "trailers?"

A trailer is something that comes LAST!

A preview is what comes FIRST!

I don't know who the asshole is who started this, but WHY is it that (almost) everyone is being so stupid?

What's next? Dogs are cats? Black is white? Rape is love?