Friday, April 23, 2010

"Parenthood" Episode "Rubber Band Ball"

I just got around to watching the latest episode and I have NEVER gotten SO pissed off SO fast at a character. I'm talking about Sarah (Lauren Graham) finding her daughter and her scumbag boyfriend in the shower.

I would have had his ass in jail so fast he would have thought the cops were parked in the driveway! And the daughter (who all of a sudden I hate again) would have been locked in the attic until she was eighteen.

But NO. Sarah lets her daughter turn things around and make HER feel guilty.

So when the dad (Craig Nelson) confronts the scumbag boyfriend all he does is try to bribe him instead of scaring the shit out of him. So Scumbag comes BACK and Sarah acts like she's the one who did something wrong! And she STILL lets the daughter go out with him!

I'm REALLY starting to dislike Sarah. Grow a pair or put your daughter up for adoption!

Fortunately, one OnDemand feature is the ability to fast forward, so I don't have to suffer through that wasteful Crosley/Crosby/ Dax crappola.

The thing with Dad and Adam was okay. And even the scenes between the two wives about Max and the gifted daughter I didn't mind.

If things don't get better in the next week or two there are two other shows on at the same time -- "V" and "The Good Wife" that are SO much, better I can watch.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pedophile Priests

Can't help but read and hear about all the Catholic priests being accused of child molestation. I can't recall ever hearing about the Baptist, Protestant, Methodist, etc. ministers being accused.

So why just Catholics? Well, they are the only ones not allowed to get married. Maybe if they were allowed to have wives, then they would have a legitimate outlet for their sexual urges.

I'm sure none of them became priests just to have access to the alter boys and other young boys (I don't recall any girls complaining about being molested, but I could be wrong), so it must be the marriage restriction the Catholic church imposes on them.

Just a thought.