Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Crazy Ones

This is the new comedy show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams.

I am NOT a fan of sitcoms since they are never funny, they are boring, and are never funny.

I really wanted to like this because I will always be a Buffy fan, and I really like Sarah. But she is not a comedienne. Every time she delivered a "funny line" the look on her face was like she expected the audience to laugh. Or hoped they would.

Robin Williams was typical of his brand of comedy. But with his age, he just looked foolish.

I think Sarah is more suited to dramatic roles such as Buffy, and "Ringer."  (There was a lot of criticism of this show, but I liked it. I thought Sarah did a good job playing twins Siobhan and Bridget.)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mary McCormack's New Sitcom

Over the weekend I watched "Welcome to the Family" Mary's new show. Basically, her character's daughter who just graduated from high school told them that she was pregnant. The guy, who is Hispanic, also is just graduating, and the families meet over dinner to discuss it.

I love Mary, but I don't have much hope this show will last very long. I didn't find it particularly funny (but I never watch comedies because they are NEVER funny).

Whenever Mary was in a scene, she didn't seem much like Mary Shannon from "In Plain Sight" until she got sarcastic, then she did.

Which I suppose is good, and bad.  Good, because she is the Mary I (we) tune in to see. But bad because she is playing a different character and is NOT supposed to be Marry Shannon, U.S. Marshal.

In a way I can see why Mary might have decided to do the show. First, she isn't the main character, so her workload will be much less. Second, it is only a half our show, so the pressure to produce a weekly show would be less. And thirdly, Mary now has three daughters, one still a baby, so she will have more time to spend with them.

Despite all of that, I really wish Mary would find a drama of some kind to act in. It doesn't have to be a cops show. A medical drama, or lawyer show would be fine with me.

It's possible I might watch it occasionally, but I can't see me tuning in every time it is on.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Emmys - The Usual Crap Shows Nominated

And once again it's here, and the reason I NEVER watch the Emmys -- shows I never watch are nominated, and the ones I do are ignored (DON'T EVEN get me started on "Gilmore Girls"!!)

My list of shows and people who deserve to be nominated:
 (Since I never watch comedies [because they are never funny, they are boring, they are stupid, and they are never funny] they are not included.)

Shows (in no particular order) --
Hell on Wheels
Orphan Black
Sons of Anarchy
Chicago Fire
The Americans
Blue Bloods
The Bridge
Blue Bloods
Falling Skies

Actors and Actresses  (in no particular order) --
Tatiana Maslany ... Orphan Black ... Lead
Robert Taylor ... Longmire ... Lead
Ksenia Solo ... Lost Girl ... Supporting
Julie Benz ... Defiance ... Lead
Rachel Nichols ... Continuum ... Lead
Keri Russell ... The Americans ... Lead
Diane Kruger ... The Bridge ... Lead
Stephanie Leonidas ... Defiance ... Supporting
Tom Selleck ... Blue Bloods ... Lead
Donnie Wahlberg ... Blue Bloods ... Supporting
Emily Rose ... Haven ... Lead

And I guess that is all. Too bad these people and shows never get the recognition they deserve.