Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Fringe" - "Haven"

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"Fringe" - I never watched "Fringe" when it was airing because it looked to be just like all the other strange goings-on shows, like The X-Files, Supernatural, etc.  But a guy at work bought the DVDs and loaned them to me.

At first I wasn't much impressed. The first few episodes were pretty much like every other WTOTW (Weird Thing of The Week) as in other shows of this genre, but once they got into the alternate universe episodes, with the alternate-but-same characters, it got interesting.

And the fourth season was the best for me, since both sides had to cooperate to find out who was trying to destroy both universes. But in the last episode, they had to close the bridge between worlds.

So in this final 5th season, they are about 20 years in the future trying to take back the world from the Observers. And so far I have been sorely disappointed.

I   WANT   the alternate universe stories back!!  
The very least the writers/producers could do is look in on the alternate-verse to see how everyone is doing.

One more thing - Olivia and Peter had a daughter, and for some reason, the writers named her Henrietta. And she is frequently called Etta, which I think is about the ugliest woman's name I can think of (with apologies to any woman named Etta). Maybe that's why they killed her off in only the third episode.

Hopefully, the stories will get better.

"Haven" - I surprised myself by watching this one because it is one of the WTOTW kind of show I normally don't watch. But so far I have really liked it (it is in the second season now).

The main character is Audrey Parker, played by the delightful Emily Rose. The premise of the show, set in Haven, Maine, is that many of the residents are afflicted with 'The Troubles' - strange, supernatural powers that wreak havoc on the town and its inhabitants. But for some reason Audrey is immune to these "Troubles."

Not much else to say about this show, other than I'd like to see it go on for a few more seasons (13 eps per season).

"Once Upon a Time" - "Major Crimes" - "Blue Bloods"

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"Once Upon a Time" - this isn't a new show since it's just started its second season, but I like it a lot and so do a lot of other viewers. Its about fairy tale characters that were magically transported to Storybrook Maine by the evil queen of "Snow White" fame. There was no magic in Storybrook until the end of season one.

And now in season two everyone remembers who they were in "fairy tale land" and are angry at, and want to do harm to,  Regina (the queen). Almost all fairy tale characters you recognize have, or will, show up, including Snow White, Prince Charming, the Seven Dwarfs, Red Riding Hood, Jiminy Cricket, Mulan, Captain Hooke, Rumplestiltskin, Pinocchio, and many others.

I like this show and am glad it got a second season.

"Major Crimes" - This is a spin-off from "The Closer" and I really didn't have much of an expectation since so many of the characters remained, but with the replacement of a new captain - Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell) for Brenda Leigh Johnson, but I have been pleasantly surprised since Raydor was so disliked in "The Closer". The stories have been good and I like all the returning cast members.

I see this one lasting for a few more seasons.

"Blue Bloods" - another returning show, starring Tom Selleck as the New York City police commissioner, Frank Reagan. This is a show I didn't watch from the beginning, but caught up with watching it On Demand (which I still do since another show, "Haven" is on at the same time).

One of the characters - Danny Reagan, is played by Donny Wahlberg, brother of the more famous Mark Wahlberg. Which is a shame because Donny does a really good job in the show. I normally don't care much about male characters, but I can't understand why Donny hasn't been nominated for an Emmy (which is another reason why I don't watch the Emmy awards - the people and shows I think should win are rarely even nominated).

This isn't to say the other characters in the show aren't worth recognition. It IS a really good program and the other cast members are really good - Bridget Moynahan, Jennifer Esposito, Amy Carlson, and all the rest of them.

"Last Resort" - " Beauty & the Beast" - "Elementary"

And continuing with my reviews of new shows --

"Last Resort" - A nuclear-carrying submarine, the Colorado, picks up six SEALS that were on a mission in Pakistan, then receive orders to send a missile into the country, but the order comes from Antarctica -  a secondary site when Washington DC/ the Pentagon is gone. They refuse and are attacked by another American submarine. The Colorado takes over a NATO listening-post island and so the drama goes on.

I have to say I really like this show - a lots of drama, action, and the inevitable good looking women. The only trouble I see is how could this premise continue for a full  season, or two or three. It would make a great movie, but longer than that, I don't know.

And I read that the ratings aren't so good, so this may not last a full season.

"Beauty and the Beast" - I really wanted to like this show, mainly because it stars Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang on "Smallville"), who I think is absolutely gorgeous!!!  But I admit, after three episodes, I still find it hard to see her as a 'hard-nosed' detective. Although she does kick ass (much like Kristin did when she played Chun-Li), but the Beast, Vincent, has to save her at least once during the show.

Also, the stories just haven't been that compelling, I've found it hard to stay interested. And that's a shame - I like Kristin and want to watch something she's in that is good.

"Elementary" - This is a modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes, with Lucy Liu playing Dr. Watson. And I like this show, mostly. It's a lot like "The Mentalist" - not much action, but more investigative. And like "The Mentalist", it's taking me time to get used to the type of show. But if it weren't for Lucy Liu, I'm not sure if I'd be watching.

I never really paid that much attention to Lucy until she showed up on the police drama "Southland", in which she played a really good part really well. But in "Elementary" I wish she had even more air time, and not just with Sherlock.

Apparently enough  people have been watching because it has been given the go-ahead for a full season.

"Arrow" - "Revolution" - "Chicago Fire"

There have been quite a few new TV shows that I've been watching; some good, some not so much. So in the next few blogs I"m going to review them in no particular order, starting with --

"Arrow" - About Green Arrow, although in the show he's just called Arrow. And this is pretty good so far. Got some good looking women it it, always a plus. And the stories are pretty good. Arrow isn't the goody-goody that Batman is - he doesn't mind killing the bad guys (using, of course, a well-placed arrow).

I understand this has been given a green light for a full season. So unless it gets terrible, I will continue to watch it.

"Revolution" - The power has gone out all over the planet for some mysterious reason, and the story picks up 15 years later. So far the stories have been interesting. But I wonder why everyone is wearing nearly new clothes and always seem to be so clean (and the women still use makeup, and shave their underarms and legs).  There are some good characters, and the women in the show are all attractive (I guess all the plain/ugly ones died off).

This also will go for a full season.

"Chicago Fire" - About...Chicago firemen (DUH!).  The actions scenes at the fires and other happenings that require Fire and Rescue are very good. Lots of danger and good effects. But when things are calm and the stories go to the lives and dramas of the men and women, well, it's pretty much the same thing as other shows - the guy who needs pain-killing drugs, the on again/off again relationships, etc., etc. And, as usual, all the women on the show are very easy on the eyes

I hear that this show hasn't generated the audience wanted and it is in danger of being canceled.