Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Chuck "Chuck"

What I mean is that it's time to find another show to follow instead of "Chuck." For two seasons I watched the show and really enjoyed it, but for some reason, this season hasn't been particularly interesting.

EXCEPT when the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk ( joined the cast for a half dozen or so episodes. But once she left, the interest left with her.

I tried watching the latest episode where Chuck is now officially a spy and is being transferred to Rome. But he wants to get Sarah on his team even though she is with somebody else (played by Brandon Routh of Superman fame). And I lost interest when Casey, Awesome and his best friend decided to get Sarah and Chuck back together.

This just was NOT interesting. Maybe I'll give it another shot next week, but I'm not holding my breath that it will get better!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to Hell -- Not So Bad?

Basically, I'm an atheist, but religion and God are pretty much so ingrained into everyday life, that one can't help thinking about stuff.

And one thing I was thinking about is the concept of going to Hell for being bad (lying, stealing, fornication, murder, child molestation). And I got to wondering -- Why would Satan punish people for doing his work (being evil)? Isn't that like God punishing priests and rabbis for doing his work (doing good)?

So it seems to me that it must be God who is in control of Hell, and not Satan. Which must mean that either there is no Satan, or God and Satan are one in the same.

Or there is no God and no Satan at all.

How To Stop A Car When The Gas Pedal Sticks

The last few weeks there have been news stories about Toytotas and Priuses having problems with the gas pedals sticking and the drivers are unable to stop the cars.

They are joking, right? They really have NO idea what to do when the car is going too fast for the brakes to work??

Well, I have two SURE FIRE ways to stop the car.

#1. Put the car in neutral! Sure, the motor will still be racing, so then go to #2 .

#2. Turn the fucking key OFF ! !! !!! Yeah, the power brakes will no longer be powered, but all it takes is more pressure on the brake pedal and the car WILL STOP!

I know there are stupid people in this world, but surely they know that using neutral, or turning off the key, will let the brakes stop the car. And if they don't, then they DON'T need to be behind the wheel!