Friday, November 20, 2009

And So --- It Begins

And once again Thanksgiving is being skipped over in favor of the Christmas season. So, too, TOO early we are being innundated by Christmas shopping ads on TV, the radio, magazine and newspapers.

Most of them I can ignore, mute the sound, or change the channel. But the one set of commercials I cannot move fast enough to switch channels are the cloying, nauseating TV ads for the Publix grocery stores. And it's not just Christmas. Every holiday that comes by (Mother's Day for example), they roll out these sweetly sickening commercials.

Which is the main reason I will NEVER shop at Publix.

Enough is enough, but too much is TOO MUCH ! !! !!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Progressive Insurance Ads

I don't have much use for most TV ads (who does), but some I just cannot stand and will change the channel. But there is one that I can't hit the remote button fast enough! And it is the Progressive insurance ad with the horrible, disgusting, nauseating, vomit-inducing so-called woman wearing white with bright red lips.

If there ever was a candidate to have to wear a burka, she is it. And if anyone should have had their vocal cords cut at birth it is this female (along with Billy Mayes).

There is only one way I would EVER buy Progressive insurance (even if I could have my car, house and life insured for $1 per year), and that is if someone, on live TV, would smash her face in with a sledge hammer!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thanks a LOT Yahoo!

After working on my web site for more than five and a half years, Yahoo has cancelled Geocities. They promised that everything would be moved to their other web hosting sites. But they are business sites. And they said how easy it would be, but since Geocities is no longer availabe, there was NO WAY for me to access my original site to even transfer the info myself.

THANKS A LOT Yahoo ! !! !!!