Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman -- Not Guilty (?)

 The jury's decision in the George Zimmerman trial was that he was  guilty of neither second degree murder, nor of manslaughter, of Trayvon Martin.

And just like in the Casey Anthony trial, no one but the jurors know what went on while they were coming to their decision.

I was surprised there were only six jurors. And I was surprised that the attorneys on both sides thought five women would render the verdict they both wanted. I understand that four of the women were white, and the fifth was a minority/ non-white - either Hispanic or black.

That Zimmerman shot Martin, there is no doubt. But the circumstance was the issue: A racially motivated shooting; or a fight for his (Zimmerman's) life?

But regardless of what really happened, George Zimmerman was found not guilty (and as in the Casey Anthony verdict, "not guilty" does NOT mean "innocent").

And his life is forever changed. He will be constantly looking over his shoulder, and jumping at every sound, worried that someone will be there to exact "justice."

No doubt he will have to go into hiding, and probably leave Florida for good.