Thursday, April 23, 2015

Season Three Finale of "The Americans"

I've been watching the FX drama "The Americans."

(If you don't know what it is about: It takes place in the 1980's and two Russian spies, Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings are sleeper agents. They came to America, settled down, and had two children, Paige and Henry, who are now in their teens.)

About the middle of the third season, after Paige's insistence, they told her they were from Russia, working for the Soviet Union. Paige understandably was taken aback (she asked them if they were killers or drug dealers). And they told her if she told anyone they would be arrested and sent to prison, for life!

And she had questions, but she never asked the ones I would have (maybe because she was only 16).

The first question I would want to know is, of course, "Why?"  Is life in Russia so much better? (They lived in a two story house with an attached garage and basement. And they drove a relatively new car.)

The next question would be that after living in the US for 18 years, more or less, how could they still be loyal to the Soviet Union?

And I would have asked what was going to happen to them when their mission is over and they returned to the Soviet Union? Neither Paige nor Henry speak Russian, and their lives and way of living is strictly American.

But, there is a new problem that ended the season - Paige called Pastor Tim, her pastor and confidant, and told him her parents were liars and they wanted to make a liar out of her. And that they weren't Americans. And then the damning statement - they were Russians!

Of course, just being Russian didn't automatically mean they were spies. And maybe Pastor Tim would just blow it off, or not believe her. But saying he did, and he called the FBI, and they investigated and found that Elizabeth and Phillip WERE spies.

Where would that leave Paige and Henry? Since Henry knew nothing about this (he is two years younger than Paige), how would he feel knowing Paige betrayed  his parents? Would he agree with her decision? Or hate her?

And since they have no relatives, it never occurred to Paige that there would be no one to take care of them? No place they could go but into foster care? And then there would be a good chance she and Henry would be separated?

Maybe she didn't think about all of this. But depending on what happens with Pastor Tim next season, things could go badly for all of them!