Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Went to see the movie yesterday. And I didn't like anywhere near as much as I wanted to. It just wasn't amazing.

 The first one (The Amazing Spider-man) wasn't too bad, and I bought the DVD when it was released, but I seriously doubt if I'll buy this second one.
(Maybe if I find it in the used bargain bin for a few bucks I might.)

I think the problem was that there was just too much pathos between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (played by the cute, sweet-looking  Emma Stone .
PP broke up with her because of a promise he made to her dying father in The Amazing Spider-man #1. Then he made up with her, then he broke up again, made up. Then she broke up with him, back together.  SO tiring.

The main villain, Electro was pretty cool, and the SFX were great, but there was just no real excitement. And then just at the end Harry Osborn as the new Green Goblin shows up for about 10 minutes when Spidey kills  him - whoopee.

And since I don't care about giving any spoiler alerts -- Gwen also dies at the end.  She is falling from about 20 stories and at the last moment Spideys' web catches her in the midsection and it obviously broke her back since she was bent almost double.

Months go by, then Spider-man resurfaces to begin the fight against the next movie's baddie - The Rhino.

And who will be his girlfriend in the third movie? My candidate would be Osborn's assistant, Felicia, played by the very attractive  Felicity Jones .                                                

Out of 5 stars the best I can give this is a 2 (the first one a 4)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gorgeous Girls - Photos with no explanation

Just nice to look at!

                                                                  Anne Hathawy

                                                                    Olivia Munn

Catherine Bell

Katherine Heigl

Danica Patrick

Sarah Shahi

Simone LeBlanc

Shiri Appleby

Alison Haislip

 Katee Sackoff

Simone LeBlanc