Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye AT&T; Hello Comcast

I have had to dump AT&T.

On Saturday, Oct 22nd, my DSL modem stopped working. So I called AT&T support and they determined that my modem was bad and said they'd send me a new one for $100! Of course I said NO and had the operator connect me with the lady who cancels accounts. She told me she could have new one sent to me for FREE; so I said okay. She said I would get it Wednesday or Thursday.

Come Friday I still hadn't received it so I called again. I was told there was a notation about the modem but the order had not been put in. So once again I told the lady to cancel both the phone service (which I've had ever since I first got a phone, many many many many years ago) and the internet service (I've had DSL for 10 years). She said the service would end at midnight.

I then called Comcast to get cable phone and internet. The installer showed up about 1:30 the next day (Sunday) and after an hour, everything was in and was working. The cost will end up cheaper than what I was paying for cable TV plus phone and internet.

Today (Oct 31) I had to call AT&T again because the phone service had NOT been canceled and I didn't want to pay for service I wasn't using.

So far, no problems with the cable internet, but it doesn't seem any faster than the DSL, but I haven't tried to download any large files yet, either.

We'll see.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Steve Job' Passing


This past week the world mourned the passing of Steve Jobs. And anytime anyone of note dies there is a compilation of his/her accomplishments.

Most reports about Steve say that everyone has been touched by his innovative products. Which I suppose in a way is true.

But I have never bought an Apple computer, an iPod, an iPhone, nor an iPad. And I probably never will.

And the main reason is that they, in my opinion, are WAY overpriced. They could cut the prices in half and still make millions of dollars.

So, until the prices come down to a reasonable cost, I will continue to use my HP PC, my plain, ordinary Sony cell phone, and no mp3 player.

That's all.